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Seasongood Law, Inc. is a business law firm that writes contracts, negotiates deals, structures transactions, creates companies, and helps partners out of disputes with their co-founders.  We specialize in small businesses, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants great service at a fair price. We are easy to work with and a reliable partner for you and your business.

We use state-of-the-art technology and document automation to maximize the efficiency and quality of our work. We use visual design tools and mind maps to analyze and present information quickly and clearly. We use a project management system that keeps us on top of things. And, we store everything – encrypted – in the cloud, so we can be there for you when you need us.

Having this modern technology gives us the luxury to lawyer in one old-fashioned way: We lawyer like we’re humans – and so are you.  We see your goals, hopes, strengths and weaknesses. We believe in you more than you do, but we’ll also tell you the truth with candor and empathy. We’re overjoyed to help you navigate opportunities and avoid potholes along the way. We are truly committed to your success.

Legal Services We Offer
General Business Advice
Outside General Counsel
Sale of a Medical Practice
Purchase of a Medical Practice
Negotiation & Drafting
Licensing Deals & Contracts
New Company Formation
Contracts & Founders
Operating Agreements
Partner Agreements
Sale of Business
Purchase of Business
Art Sales
Art Deals of All Kinds
Deal Structure
Fighting with Partners
Board of Directors Advice & Counsel
Shareholder Disputes
Business Contracts
Office Leases
Sales Agreements & Programs
Contract Management
Sales & Contracting Processes
New Ventures
Copyright & Trademark Contracts
Employment Contracts
Website Contracts/Privacy Policies
Joint Ventures
E-Commerce Deals
Advertising Agreements
Escrow Agreements
Consulting & Service Contracts
Internal Investigations
Consulting on Risk Management

Art creates opportunities, wealth and controversies. Seasongood Law, Inc. provides world-class art law services to auction houses, art galleries, art dealers, artists and collectors. Since 2017, Coco Soodek has served as the Art Law Editor for the iconic LexisNexis treatise, Entertainment Industry Contracts. She literally writes the book on art law. Coco has negotiated and written up deals involving billionaire collectors, artists working with preeminent magazines and publishers, major auction houses, Fortune 50 tech companies and internationally famous artists.

Seasongood Law, Inc. represents hospitals, physicians and clinics in contracts, acquisitions, sales and internal investigations.

We also help business owners and business buyers work their way from term sheet to close, and everything in between.

We can write you a contract so good, you’ll want to read it at night for comfort. We can write you a contract so succinct, you’ll wonder how we got all that meaning into such a few pages. We can write you a contract so automated, that you type in a few words, and it spits out a completed doc. We can also – if you so choose – write a contract so stuffed with wheretofores and hereinafters you could cook it inside the Thanksgiving bird. We love contracts, we’re very good at them, and we’d be pleased to write, review and negotiate yours!

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