Want to Protect Your Business? Stand on This.

There are 3 kinds of risks: the risk that you’ll get screwed or sued; the risk that you’ll get in a fight and the risk that you’ll lose the fight. These risks are ever present. The only way to avoid these risks completely is to stay on your couch….

The Most Boring (And Important) Post You’ll Ever Read

There is a part of nearly every contract entitled “Notice.”  No one reads it, but everyone should. What is the Notice provision, how does it work and why does it matter? What is it? Every contract is its own little city-state. The language creates a set of rules about…

6 Contracts You Can’t Do Without

Contracts are the trip wire of deals. Here’s why. With legit business people, you can’t get started on the work or the payments until you sign the contract. Your contract is your reason to write down what has to get done, what has to get paid and by when….

5 Legal Things that Can Kill Your Company

As a business leader, your job is not just to grow your company – it’s also to try to not kill it. And, there are an uncountable number of weapons and wars that can fell your business. Here are 5 ways legal trouble can kill your business and some…

Why I Love Contracts

I love contracts. Even as a young summer associate, in the last century, I was bored by cases, but I loved reading and writing contracts. Contracts keep peace. They make people promise to go forward on future exchanges of obligations and good faith, rather than knives and guns. Contracts…