Why You Need a Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers are the backbone of a business. We create the platform of the company on which the owners and managers build a successful business. Everything starts and ends with the corporate lawyers – setting up the company, getting funded, protecting your rights, buying and selling things, obeying regulations and selling, dissolving or passing the business down to the next generation. That’s us.

Here’s what a good corporate lawyer can do for you:

  • Figure out control issues and resolve disputes with your co-founders
  • Understand the differences among trademarks, copyrights and patents and show you how to identify and protect yours
  • Find the regulations that govern you and what you have to do to follow them
  • Draft a contract to sell your products or services to your customers, limiting your liability
  • Show you the things in your contracts to worry about and fix them
  • Position your business for the exit you want – to grow, get rich or dissolve your company
  • See and navigate around pitfalls and landmines.


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