Your relationship to your co-founders and investors can make – or break – your business. Trouble is, your relationship is 1 part communication to 5 parts law – and the law parts are a mystery. Join us at 2112 Chicago on Tuesday, April 24th at 6pm for HOW TO WORK OUT YOUR DEALS WITH YOUR PARTNERS & INVESTORS. Coco will break down (1) 10 Questions you must discuss with your partners; (2) how equity works; and (3) what you need to show Angels and VCs to get funding.



  1. YOU AND YOUR CO-FOUNDERS: How your relationship with your co-founders can crash your business.
  2. BUSINESS ENTITIES. What is an entity? How does an entity work?
  3. EQUITY. What is equity?  How does equity really work?
  4. CO-FOUNDER CONVERSATIONS. The 10 questions you must discuss with your co-founders.
  5. ANGELS & VCs. It’s not you, it’s them: the trouble with Angels and VCs.
  6. IF YOU WANT THEIR MONEY. Why you must understand the trouble with Angels/VCs to get their money.

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