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Coco Soodek is a Seasoned Corporate Attorney Who Can Help Protect Your Business

The Three C's Your Business Needs
Seasongood Law, Inc. is a law firm dedicated to helping people by empowering them to build businesses, wealth and freedom. We provide a unique set of services to support small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Clear & Concise CONTRACT Development
Contracts are the trip wire to closing the deal, the roadmap of promises and a shield against crazy arguments. They are essential, legally and practically. A good contract memorializes the terms of your deal, cleanly and clearly. A great contract is a good one you can use, again and again, saving you money and hassle. We write great contracts.

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Custom Classes to Understand Your Legal Obligations
Most people have no clue about the legal obligations around their businesses. Not only are these laws hard to find, they are even harder to understand. That’s where we come in.

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Business 'Marriage' Counseling for Fueding Partners
You’d be amazed how often business owners fight. Sparring partners can kill a business and wipe themselves out. We help co-founders save their business relationship or part ways equitably.

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Meet Coco Soodek
 Coco is an experienced corporate attorney, speaker, writer, and evangelist for small business.
 She has 20 years’ experience, creating companies and doing deals, in a wide variety of industries. She helps business people around the world identify risk and adopt strategies to manage it, negotiate and close deals, & manage all aspects of their businesses.
 She hosted her own nationally syndicated radio show, “Coco Soodek Live,” on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network, and is the author of the best-selling bible on business law for entrepreneurs, Birth to Buyout: Law for the Life Cycle of Your Business.
 Coco has also invented a legal specialty called “Business Marriage Counseling,” in which she works with feuding business owners either to repair relationships among business owners or to gently break their business apart.

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Coco got me out of a terrible business where I was a partner. I was at the end of my rope. She listened to me for an hour and got the whole picture. I was blown away. She was nice, but she was also so strong. I’m so grateful I found her.  – Catherine T, Chicago, CPA

I’ve read a lot of contracts throughout my career. I’m amazed at how awful they are.  Coco writes contracts that are understandable and shorter than most. She’s also pretty reasonable on the bill.  – Mike G, Chicago

I don’t like lawyers. But, Coco is the anti-lawyer. She doesn’t waste my time with a lot of if this than that, but if this than that. She doesn’t make the decision for me – just the opposite. She makes sure I have all the information I need to make the decision for myself. She’s helped me hire people and fire someone. She wrote our sales contracts that we use for every sale. She also taught my employees the law of sales, so we can stay out of trouble. When she says fight, I fight. When she says surrender, I surrender. I trust her.  – Ed B, Chicago

I went to Coco when my family was struggling over a family business. We had run it loosey goosey over the years and that, plus internal family squabbles, were blowing things up. She interviewed me for 2 hours. After those 2 hours, she had mapped out all the relationships and problems on giant sheets of paper.  She spent another couple of hours with me. When I walked out of her office, I had a detailed plan about how to redo our family business. She also warned me that one of my family members would be a problem, but I strongly disagreed with her. She turned out to be right about that family member and her suggestions for redoing our business. She saved our family business and our family.  – Josh H, Los Angeles

I work with sophisticated businesses and lots of lawyers. The reason why I like Coco is because she’s candid and fast. She can go toe to toe with the most arrogant cigar smoking CEO and work well with everyone else. She’s the same no matter who the people are. Most people like her. But, sometimes people on the other side of the table don’t like her. That’s ok by me.  – Cynthia C, NYC

She’s more fun than any other lawyer I’ve ever met – you would never know she’s a lawyer.  – Gretchen M, Indianapolis


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